Charlottesville hosts Cindy Sheehan

My emergence into the local activist scene initially came through my work with the Charlottesville Center for Peace and Justice . On May 17, 2006, the CCPJ hosted Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright and I had the honor of standing onstage and introducing these wonderful women. Here is an audio podcast of the event from the CVille Podcast Network:

Below are video clips of the evening.

Opening remarks by Sean McCord [5:08]

Remarks by CCPJ President Bill Anderson [13:08]

Ann Wright speaks [27:06]

Sean McCord introduces Cindy Sheehan [41:22]

Q&A with Cindy Sheehan and Ann Wright [38:59]

Not surprisingly, the event garnered both press and public attention.

  • CVille Weekly ran a brief story but with a nice picture.
  • The Daily Progress ran a thoughtful piece which was reprinted on George Loper’s blog.
  • The Richmond Times-Dispatch ran a thorough review of the evening, reprinted here.
  • Charlottesville Newsplex ran a good story was reproduced on Michael
  • The Hook ran a notice on its blog prior to May 17.
  • CVille News reported on Cindy’s appearance and inspired some lively discussion.

Finally, in the interest of being thorough, here are the notes of my introductions that evening: