Democratic Candidates Forum

On May 6, the Charlottesville Democratic Party will host a Candidate’s Forum for all three City Sheriff candidates, and all three Democratic City Council candidates. I am scheduled to moderate.

The forum will start at 7:00 in the Walker School Library/Media Center. Previous reports had the forum being held in the cafeteria, but we have definitely moved to the Library.

Please plan to attend and, if you have questions for the candidates, feel free to post them below. I will do my best to address each submitted question.

The format for the candidates forum will be as follows:

  • All six candidates will have one minute to introduce themselves (who they are, why they’re running, etc.).
  • The next 40 minutes will involve questions to the Sheriff candidates.
  • The moderator will pose a few questions to these candidates, followed by questions from the audience.
  • Each sheriff candidate will have time to ask another sheriff candidate one question.
  • This part of the program ends with each sheriff candidate having one minute for a final statement.

Five minute break

  • The next 50 minutes will be for council candidates.
  • Again, the moderator will pose some questions, followed by audience questions.
  • Each council candidate can pose a question to one other council candidate.
  • Council candidates will each have one minute for a final statement.

After the forum ends, the candidates have been asked to stay and engage in personal and informal exchanges with those present. We will clear out after 9:00.

There are three candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination to be Charlottesville City Sheriff. Those candidates are:

Mike Baird

James Brown, III

Phillip Brown

There are three candidates running for the Democratic Party nomination for two City Council seats. Those candidates are:

Dave Norris

Kristin Szakos

Julian Taliaferro

I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday evening. And again, feel free to submit candidate questions below in the comments section.