What to do on Super Tuesday

February 5 is Super Tuesday, and though Virginia will not be voting until a week later, the results of that twenty-two state voting blitz could do much to determine the next nominee of each party. So if you’re not already invited to a friend’s Super Tuesday party — complete with 50′ plasma TV and ready snacks — then hopefully you have already RSVPed for the Road Back PAC “Super Duper Tuesday” gala at Gravity Lounge. For more Democratic Party events, visit CVilleDems.org

If you don’t have $30 burning a hole in your pocket, but still want to spend at least part of the evening with like-minded folk, then you may wish to attend an alternative event titled “Left of Center on Local Food”. LOC is a group for the young Dem-curious, and this event focuses on the local food movement. Left of Center can be found on the web at LeftofCenterCVille.org.