“Gosh, things are going just swell in Iraq!”

In the January 29 C-Ville Weekly, Josh Levy writes an editorial about just how great things are going in Iraq:

Not long ago, it seemed as if we were on the verge of defeat; now it is likely that Iraqis and Americans together will subdue al Qaeda and other radicals in Iraq and build a peaceful and tolerant society.

Further down, he submits that “By July (2007), it looked as if Congress might force the U.S. to surrender” until Bush came up with the brilliant strategy of finally listening to all the military advisers that he had previously fired and actually increase the troop level. Levy goes on to suggest that General Petraeus should be named Time Magazine’s “Man of the Decade”.

You can bet that I will be submitting a counter-editorial, and I will highlight it in this space if it gets published. But I also find myself wondering: just who is Josh Levy?

According to the scant byline information, he “led a pro-victory rally against Cindy Sheehan last July”. Oh yes, I was there. Code Pink had obtained permits to march from the Rotunda to downtown, then hold an assembly on the steps of the ice park. Cindy Sheehan was the featured guest. As she was preparing to speak, another group showed up waving “pro-victory” signs and trying to shout down the speakers. It was an unpleasant scene, but Cindy handled it with Grace. I witnessed an organizer explain to the police that our event had a permit whereas the counter-protesters did not. You can see a video of the memorable afternoon below.


(Video courtesy of Paladin Media Group)