Monthly Archive for October, 2008

It’s All My Fault!

I had a terrible dream last night. It was November 7th, and I saw this on my TV.

Sorensen Story

Update: It has been pointed out to me that I might increase my chances of acceptance if I actually spell Sorensen correctly. Duly noted and corrected.

I have decided to apply for the 2009 Sorensen Institute Political Leaders Program. Only 35 people will be accepted, so the competition is fierce, but several people I know and respect have gone through the program previously, including Waldo Jaquith and Jennifer McKeever. I am working on the application now, and the deadline is November 10.

Local NPR affiliate WVTF ran a very nice story on the Sorensen program yesterday, featuring Jennifer McKeever (among others) and you can listen to it below.

Citizen appointments

I recognize that it has been too long since I posted here. I have found that I can either do, or I can write, but I have difficulty balancing both. For the past several months, in addition to my day job and my work as lead writer for the Virginia Film Festival, I have enjoyed serving on the City Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee. I strongly feel the responsibility as a citizen to contribute my time and interest to topics that affect our community, and I have a particular interest in those areas that impact children and families. So I was particularly pleased last week to receive a letter from Mayor Dave Norris that I have now also been appointed to the Charlottesville/Albemarle Commission on Children and Families. Their next meeting is November 5th and I look forward to writing about my impressions in this space.